Susan Warner – Sweet romance

The Cupid Contract

I'm not looking for a relationship, just a fake Valentine. What do you say?

Nora Tanner used to be known as the marshmallow girl, with a good personality.
Nora conquered her weight problem and even opened a gym to show them all she had changed.
While her outward problem was fixed her confidence was low and she thought love was gone for her.
Would any man get to know the real her?

Julian Kosh is a widower with a 5 year old daughter. He moved to Sweet Blooms as his wife's last request
that their child should grow up in her home town. He's been a resident for 3 years and the town
keeps suggesting he should have a work life balance. Valentines day is coming and he has deadlines to meet.
The polite suggestions from women are coming fast and furious and some of them aren't so polite
about his current relationship status. To get his projects done on time he needs a fake romantic interest to fend them off.

Julian and Nora agree to a fake relationship thinking they know what they're getting in to, but they'll discover
that love doesn't care about the rules or plans, it happens when it happens.

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Featured Book

Silver Notes

Silver Fox | Book 4

She makes him tongue-tied.
He makes her frazzled.
Can love clear things up?

Brash, retired Army veteran, Timothy Elliott, has a way with words—on paper, anyway.
Give him a pen, and he could devise a winning plan for any situation or craft a letter
that could make the harshest critic weep. For years he’s been successfully using his gift
of written words to express love for his dear granddaughter. Which works just fine when they’re miles away. But now his granddaughter is living with him. Now, he’ll have to use the spoken word to express himself. Not an easy task for this rough veteran since he keeps choosing the wrong ones.

After twenty years of teaching and traveling the world, Samantha Doyle has come to Grovestown to sell her hand-knit creations while she rests and regroups. She’s done searching for a love she’s never been able to find. It’s time to give it up. And when she meets the impossible Timothy Elliott, she decides that she gave up on love just in time—the man had zero redeeming qualities! She couldn’t fathom why anyone would trust their child in his care! Timothy, on the other hand, can’t believe how open and honest Samantha is. She’s everything his written words once were. But his spoken ones keep getting in the way.

Will Timothy ever find the right words to express his growing affection for her?
Will she be able to slow down enough to listen, or will love elude her once again?

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