Susan Warner – Sweet romance

Love at Turtle Dove Inn 

"I have a higher probability of being struck by lightning than falling in love."

Things are not going well for 28-year old Riley Jackson. She was a short order cook
working in a greasy spoon trying to dodge the declarations of love of her boss and
she's a month behind on her rent. This was not where she thought she would be after
she graduated chef school. Still living in the apartment that her parents lived in she
receives a letter for them saying the town of Inheritance Bay wants them back and
will give them money and a second chance for a year commitment. Riley packs up
herself and Merlin, her dog. She can't wait to start over in Inheritance Bay.

After mistakenly calling animal control on Riley's dog, it only makes dollars and sense
to finance guru Connor Sanders to make amends by giving Riley a job at his inn that
is breaking even. Under Riley's hand the Turtle Dove Inn starts to turn a profit but
as the name lives up to it's romantic promise "A place where true love happens"
Connor is starting to see some other assets Riley could bring to him.

Will Connor put the saying to the test and see if Riley and him could become a joint venture?

Watch these two discover a love that defies the numbers. Get your copy today!

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