Susan Warner – Sweet romance

My Last and Never

Love Saves | Book 3

It’s not every day your ex comes begging at your door.

Joy Frost, single mother, thought she had accepted living in her hometown until her son came home and asked her if it was true she was becoming a Crusty Crone. From that moment on she decided she’d pull herself together and stop hiding in the church. She just needed a sign on which way to go. The sign arrived on her doorstep when Cord “the devil” Barrett, CIO of Butler hotels and her ex from 12 years ago showed up on her door step asking for her help.

Cord knew who was stealing from him. He also knew how they were stealing from him and it wasn’t doing him a bit of good. His actions were hemmed in by legalities he couldn’t find a loophole through. That is what brought him to the unthinkable. Going to Joy Frost for help. She had the expertise he needed. He was pretty sure she hated his guts and she was the woman he had given his heart to 12 years ago.

Could they let go of the past to catch a crook?
Can they put aside their pride to find an unconditional love?

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Featured Book

Silver Blessings

Silver Fox | Book 3

She’s been burned by love before.
He’s not sure he has love to give.

Claudia Blake has paid the price for a short-lived but lousy marriage.
Emotionally and financially, many times over during the last eighteen years. But it’s time for this retired designer to design her own small dream home in a quaint little town and live happily and quietly ever after. Preferably, alone.

Richard Lintell is officially retired from the military and about to try living among civilians. for the first time in . . . a long time. He plans to go home until he receives a letter saying his home has been put in foreclosure for taxes. Richard doesn’t know what has happened,
but he’s going to reclaim his home.

When these two cross paths, will Richard be able to compromise and will Claudia be able to trust again? There may be sparks of new love if they can overcome their challenges!

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