Susan Warner – Sweet romance

Love at Wolf's Spring

He shapes clay into art.
She helps the wounded heal.
Together can they form a love story?

Ryan Cartia knows how to work with clay. With his famously skilled hands, he can
make his medium do whatever he wants, and he trusts the process implicitly. If
only the injury in his leg were so easily manipulated, and if only people were so
easily trusted. The only person he trusts is his sister, Layla. But she can't take
care of him after he has a surgery to help his leg do some healing.

Caring for people is what Alexis Baker does best, and she’s been doing it all her life.
Even after her husband passed, she’s been taking care of his mother, who never
recovered from losing her son. But now she’s gone too, and with no work history,
Alexis needs to find a job to provide for her and her ten-year-old daughter. She may
have found the answer when she finds within her mother-in-law’s personal effects
a letter from a town called Inheritance Bay. This could be her chance. But her new
patient is the grouchiest man she’s ever met.

Ryan can’t believe he is letting a stranger take care of him. No matter what Layla says,
he doesn’t even need help—and certainly doesn’t need it from a woman with a child.

Ryan’s going to prove he doesn’t need anyone. Alexis is going to prove she has worth..

Can they both prove that love has a way of healing all hurts and bringing meaning
to their lives?

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Finding Happiness

A treasure worth having is a treasure worth facing your past for.

When Olivia came to Markarava she found a place that gave her a voice and she didn’t’ have to hide herself or her ideas behind another person. Her insecurities shrunk but her loneliness grew. Growing up in a traditional family she was always told family or work. When she went to work her family didn’t understand why an attractive woman would turn away from the men who wanted to take care of her. As the town gets ready to celebrate the resilience of towns and families she tries to leave only to find she’s been volunteered because she’s so good at organizer the whole event.

Jeremy Collins can’t believe he’s working on the families are strong event. If it wasn’t for the fact that he needs the money to pay for a father in a home he wouldn’t’ even consider it. Jeremy knows he’s not good at relationships or families. Then when he’s teamed up with Lori from a nearby project he’s sure he’ll be stuck with Ms. Bubbles. Instead he finds a kindred soul.

As they organize the event, hear the stories that started the event they find the past doesn’t look bleak and maybe they can do the family and relationship thing, if they have the right person. Will they have the courage to trust and open their hearts to one another?

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